Multi – Million Dollar Industry – Weight Loss Center


The phrase “weight loss center” returns over 3 million search results in Google. The exponential growth in the number of obese persons or obesity has created a huge demand for weight loss programs, best diet pills for men and women, and of course weight-loss centers. Each year people spend over $35 billion for these weight-loss techniques. And as usual, U.S. leads from the front. It will be prime news on CNN if any American city is without its weight loss center. In pure dictionary terms, a weight loss center is meant to provide weight-loss treatment to obese or overweight people. The problem of being overweight is bad for health but excellent for business. Dieting has become a uniquely American “sport,” for which Americans pay billions annually to commercial weight loss centers. This multi-billion dollar industry thrives on our inability to control our weight.

Obesity carries enormous health risks and economic costs. It is recognized as a major catalyst for developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other debilitating conditions. Estimates of the number of deaths attributable to obesity in the United States alone reach up to 350,000 per year. Weight loss surgery may be an alternative if the body mass index (BMI) is 40 or more. Weight loss surgery may also be considered if the BMI is 35, combined with other health problems such as diabetes or arthritis. A surgical weight loss center provides surgical treatment for obesity. Bariatric surgery is increasingly being used to combat obesity. For very severe obesity, or BMI greater than 50 intestinal-bypass weight loss surgery is indicated. In these cases, weight loss surgeries prove to be effective, as the extreme obesity poses many problems.

Bariatric surgery, as weight loss surgery is referred, has a controversial history dating back hundreds of years. But the first modern procedure on record was in 1889, performed by Howard A. Kelly. Other type of surgery also known as “cosmetic plastic surgery” is liposuction. In it, layers of fat are removed by performing an operation on those body parts where the fat has accumulated. Though the fat gets reduced for the time being, the factors and the causes remain untouched and therefore liposuction is only a temporary solution, and at best can be called a symptomatic treatment.

Weight loss centers help to adopt healthy lifestyle changes to keep the body fit and healthy. A weight loss center offers a relaxing, serene ambience. The experience at the spa equips the individual to follow a balanced eating regimen, increase physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These centers also offer the company of like-minded people, thereby making the transformation to healthier lifestyle, a pleasant affair. A professional center should offer guidelines for healthy eating habits and exercises. They should also provide counseling, when needed. Whichever weight loss center you pick to resolve your pressing problem of obesity, make sure the people at the center are well-aware of the body system and are sensitive to your needs. They should be able to prescribe a balanced diet, medications if necessary, and ultimately lead you towards a healthy weight loss.


You cannot just walk in a weight loss center expecting to return home shedding all that extra flab. You need to visit the center often to get necessary tips and healthy diets. It is important to select a center with supportive people, who follow you up on your weight loss progress. The precious time you spend at the center should be productive. It makes no sense, if the weight you lose in a month, reappears in a week. It is important to preserve sustainable weight loss. Remember, a weight loss center cannot provide permanent weight loss. However, if you strictly follow their instructions, you can stay slim and keep the lost weight, well lost forever.

Only 10 000 Steps A Day Will Help You Lose Weight

Experts have discovered that walking 10,000 steps a day can help you drop those unwanted pounds faster than just about any other method of weight loss. Walking will also help you keep the weight off for a longer period of time because it builds your muscles while keeping your heart at a fat-burning rate.

Because it can seem to be a daunting task to walk 10,000 steps, it is important that you develop a strategy for meeting your daily quota. Here are three simple methods to help you reach your goals without losing focus:

Use a Pedometer

Using a pedometer can help you easily keep track of the distance you have covered throughout your day as well as the number of steps that you have taken. A pedometer is a small box-shaped calculator that you can clip to your belt or pants pocket in the same way you would wear a beeper.

When placed firmly near the hip, the pedometer accurately registers each step that you take. For individuals wishing to meet their new daily quota of 10,000 steps, the pedometer is the easiest, more carefree method to reach the goal.

When shopping for a pedometer, make sure that you select a model that has both distance and well as individual step readings. You will begin to learn how many steps go into one mile. You will also be surprised by how many steps you can add to your daily count by changing small habits, such as choosing the stairs over the elevator or walking to your colleagues desk rather than sending an email.


Calculate the Time it Takes

Using either you pedometer or a counting method, calculate the approximate time it takes for you to traverse a specific distance, such as a mile. Calculate this number several times on several different days and average the figures together. You will then be able to determine approximately how long it will take you to walk a portion of your steps if you choose to spend a set amount of time walking them off.

For example, if you know that you can walk all 10,000 steps in an hour, then you can elect to dedicate an hour everyday to walking your steps. However, if you cannot dedicate a full hour, then you can add up increments of ten minutes at a time until you reach your goal. Having a clear understanding of just what it takes to reach your goal will help you to approach the task much more strategically than if you did not have a plan. Do the calculations to save time and assure that you reach your 10,000 steps.

Measure a Route

Measure a route based on the time and distance it takes you to walk your 10,000 steps. Having a pre-planned route will help you to view the task of walking 10,000 in a more manageable light. You will be able to measure your progress along your day and have a system for achieving your goals.

Because taking the same path everyday may become tedious, plan two or three routes. Plan a long route for days when you have a plethora of energy, a short route for days when you are tired, and a mid-length route for days when you are energized but busy. Giving yourself plenty of options is important to helping you stay positive so that you can achieve your goal.

Passionate Thinking Will Bring You Ripped Abs

The best way to stay motivated about losing weight is not to focus on which ab workout you’re trying or which crazy diet you’re on.  Don’t think about all the sacrifices you’re making by not eating that chocolate cake or missing a rerun of your favorite tv show to go on a walk.  Instead focus on the reasons you want to lose weight in the first place.

Do you want to better your health? Get a nicer looking body? Those are the reasons most of us have for wanting to lose weight. The most important thing to fully understand is the “why am I doing this?” And “what is in it for me?” Am I looking for overnight successes or can I have a healthy body all my life.  Ask yourself these questions and keep the answers in mind on your weight loss journey.

It takes effort to accomplish anything in life, and it also takes change. One of the hardest things to overcome can just be changing your everyday habits. To change your habits, you’ve got to change the

way you think.  Most of your weight loss battle will be fought in  your mind, and not in the gym or on the track.

One way to stay motivated is to find a picture of a great, healthy body that you would love to have. Print out this picture and put it in your purse or wallet.  Others will be more motivated by keeping a

picture close to them of what they look like right now–the ‘before’ photo.  Along with whatever picture you choose, write down your goals and some affirmations: “I will be 10 pounds lighter by July 4th.”

“I will fit into that bikini this summer.” “My spouse will tell me I look amazing.” These are just examples, write down what works best for you.

When you’ve selected a few of your personal phrases, they’ll start to trigger your new positive frame of mind.  Say these statements to yourself in the morning when you wake up and before every meal. Never

miss them, this will help change your life, and for the better–much better.rsz_six-pack-abs-diet-thermogenics1

You can buy all the workout machines you want and try every crazy diet on the planet if you want.  Do this things work? or are they all hype.  Most stuff we see on tv is only hype, as some may work it is

still the basic fundamentals about fitness we all should practice.

If you’re in this for long term, great results then you’ve got to change your habits, and your way of thinking. Tell the affirmations to yourself until you really belieive them, and then still say them! Do

this everyday for three weeks and you’ll begin to see weight loss as it was meant to be. You’ll meet new levels of achievement that you didn’t even know existed.  Keep sharp and focused on the right things, stay

passionate and consistent about your new way of life and your rewards will soon begin to reap.

How to Lose Weight without Harming your Health

According to a research, there are individuals who eat less but they gain weight. Obesity is considered as one of the great problems of most people today and most of them find difficulty on how to lose weight without harming their health. Most people make use of a diet plan that contains food with low fat and food that is high in carbohydrates but they don’t obtain the result they are expecting to get.

The excess carbohydrates will stimulate the hormone production that is also known as insulin. The insulin is the one that is responsible for collecting carbohydrates and sugars from your blood and carry them into your cells. When you follow your diet that is loaded in sugars like bread, milk, fruit and cereal, you will elevate the level of your blood glucose and increase the production of insulin that has the ability to convert sugar into fat.

This scenario will lead to drop level of your blood glucose since you brain don’t have the required energy to effectively function that usually cause fatigue, irritability feeling, lower productivity and craving to eat food. The top secret in losing weight without harming your health is to properly maintain the level of your blood glucose. In order for you to obtain this, you are obliged to eat foods that are rich in vegetables fats, protein and fiber. Here are some of the useful recommendations for you to lose weight without harming your health:

  • Consume 3 cups of uncooked vegetables each day.
  • Make it a habit to eat fruit together with their skin. You can also blend your favorite juice and mix it with fibrous vegetables like celery.
  • You are also advised to eat fruit and grains that are rich in protein melon, walnuts, almonds and cottage cheese. White bread with egg can also be your breakfast and snack but be sure that you only make use of a teaspoon of oil.
  • Increase your legumes consumption like lentils, fava beans, garbanzo beans and black beans while decrease your refined grains consumption like rice, potatoes and cookies.
  • Avoid consuming breaded and fried foods, creamy and thick sauces, sour and sweet sauces as well as commercial dressing salads.
  • Avoid eating animal fats like sausage and bacon wherein they have the potential to increase your risk from cardiovascular disease.
  • Make it a habit to drink eight glasses of water every day. It is much better if you drink cold water since it has the ability to burn calories that are present in your body.
  • Make it a habit to have a complete set of sleep and much better if you associate it with proper diet plan.
  • Finally, it is very important that you do some aerobic exercises for about 30 minutes regularly to make sure that you will obtain your desired weight in no time.

The recommendations that are stated above can be a great help for you to easily lose weight without harming your health. You are required to properly follow and observed these recommendations and rest assured that you will have the best possible outcomes that you ought to receive.