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craigslist portland

Craigslist Portland cars are not hard to find. Craigslist is one of the first places where an individual seller lists a car for sale. No matter what type of car a person is looking for, he or she can often find it on this site. Following are some things to keep in mind when buying a car from the Portland Craigslist site. First of all, one should never purchase a car that he or she has not seen in person. Avoid Portland car sellers that offer very good prices but require a down payment before shipping the car. These ads are scams. A genuine Portland seller will be happy to allow potential customers to come and see the car first before buying it.

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When looking at a used car, it is very important to pay attention to how well the car works. While the looks of the car are very important, problems such as a dents or ripped driver’s seat are not difficult or overly expensive to fix. On the other hand, engine and transmission problems can be costly to repair. Asking to drive or ride in the car is a wise idea. Take note of any odd noises coming from the engine or anything that does not feel quite right. Note the mileage the car already has on it, as cars with a higher mileage are likely to have a short life, even if the car is in good condition and has been well maintained. Consulting a mechanic before purchasing a car can also be a good idea.

Make arrangements with a mechanic who will allow you to phone in and ask questions regarding a prospective used car for sale. The mechanic will be able to give good advice that can prevent one from making a costly mistake. Some mechanics in Portland that get particularly high review ratings are Morgan’s Mechanical/ Portland Auto Repair Shop, Pacific Car Care and Re-Born Automotive Inc. On the other hand, a person that is looking for a used car for sale should not limit him or herself to only using Craigslist.

craigslist portland

The site may not have the model of car a person needs, or the car may be too pricey or not in good condition. In this case, one should approach one of the many used car dealerships in the city. One advantage of working with a used car dealership is that one can obtain financing instead of having to pay for the car outright. Some good Portland used car dealerships include Dick Hannah’s Acura of Portland and Powell Motors Inc.It is advisable to check a number of Craigslist Portland cars for sale before purchasing one. Compare prices and see which car is in the best condition. Whether the car has been purchased from a Portland Craigslist listing or from a Portland used car dealership, it is important to make sure the car is in good working order, does not have an overly high mileage and that the body is in reasonably good condition.

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