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craigslist san antonio used cars

Buying via Craigslist San Antonio cars can be a great way to find a good deal. Because of the river walk, the culture, the golf courses, and the warm weather, there are many people coming to this area.  As you might expect with a larger city, there are plenty of places you can buy cars from. One of the best is Craigslist. This online classifieds site offers one of the largest selections of vehicles in San Antonio.When looking for cars on this site, you essentially have 2 options for searching. You can search for cars for sale by owner, and by dealership. Many car dealerships in San Antonio sell on Craigslist. Some you will probably come across again and again are, Randy Adams Inc., and Tom Benson Chevrolet Used, but there are many more. Just be sure you are going with a quality dealership. Many of the dealerships you are probably looking into are small used car dealerships that you have never heard of.

craigslist san antonio

Therefore, you definitely want to read reviews online before buying through them.  This way, you will find the better dealerships to go with. Some dealerships include some hidden print details that will force you to pay more than expected, so reading up on them beforehand is important.   The obvious advantage of using one of these dealerships is that it is easier to get financing through them than through a bank as you would when buying through a private party. Some of the dealerships, like, actually offer no credit check. Just make sure they are reputable. Some of the bad credit dealerships are known for offering financing to everyone. However, the financing comes with so many strings attached that it is not worth it.

craigslist san antonio used cars

In general, the dealerships in San Antonio will charge more than the private parties. However, you can see the car before viewing it, because just about every dealership in the city includes plenty of pictures in their online ads (most private owners do not). Therefore, you will have no surprises when you actually come to see the vehicle. When you combine this with the fact that the transaction is more secure, it might be to your advantage to buy through a dealership.  If you are buying through a private party, you want to be very cautious. The reason is, there are scammers on this site, just like other online car sites. Never, ever pay anyone through Western Union. These are always scams. You only want to buy a car in San Antonio if you live in the city itself, this way you can check it out in person. The bottom line is, there are plenty of Craigslist San Antonio cars out there, and this online classifieds site is one of the first places you should search for a new vehicle. Whether you are looking to buy from a dealership or private party, just proceed with caution. Going too fast can cause you to buy a car you end up regretting in the long run or paying and never seeing the car at all.

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