A diner asked its customers, 'Did you cook dinner last night?' The results on the survey are shown in the table below: Male FemaleCooked dinner 312 234Did not cook dinner 146 454What is the probability that one of the customers chosen from this survey was a female and did not cook dinner?a. 0.51b. 0.65c. 0.76d. 0.40

Accepted Solution

The answer to this question is 39.6160558, which rounds to .40 d. You can find this out by adding all of the males and females who did and didn't cook to get 1146 total people. You then have 454 females whi=o didn't cook out of 1146 total people. To solve you can make the fraction 454/1146 is equal to ___/100. You multiply 454 times 100 then divide by 1146 to get 39.6160558. Also, this is a percent and you need to find the decimal value so you need to divide the by 100 to get .40 as your rounded answer.