Solve the inequality 6x − 8 > 4x + 26

Accepted Solution

Hi.Answer:[tex]\boxed{x>17}\checkmark[/tex]The answer should have positive sign but not negative.Step-by-step explanation:First, you add by 8 from both sides.[tex]6x-8+8>4x+26+8[/tex]Then, simplify.[tex]6x>4x+34[/tex]Next, you do is subtract by 4x from both sides.[tex]6x-4x>4x+34-4x[/tex]Simplify.[tex]2x>34[/tex]Therefore, you divide by 2 from both sides.[tex]\frac{2x}{2}>\frac{34}{2}[/tex]Finally, you solve and simplify.[tex]34/2=17[/tex][tex]x=17\checkmark[/tex]X=17 is the correct answer.Hope this helps you!Have a nice day! :)